Books in LEVS Catalog

If you are interested in purchasing one of the books listed below, please download the LEVS Catalog found on our LEVS Files page.

Title Author Publication Year Genre Catalog Price
Interfact: Vikings (Interfact) W. Wharfe 2001 Juvenile; LEVS Catalog $14.95
Exploration of North America Coloring Book Peter F. Copeland 1992 Juvenile; LEVS Catalog; Viking/Scandinavian Culture $3.50
Viking Village Sticker Picture G. Smith 1999 Juvenile; LEVS Catalog; Viking/Scandinavian Culture; Viking Design/Art $4.50
Fun with Vikings Stencils G. Smith 2001 LEVS Catalog; Juvenile; Viking Design/Art $1.50
Yo, Vikings! Judith Byron Schachner 2002 LEVS Catalog; Juvenile; Viking Ship $16.99
Viking Designs G. Smith 1999 LEVS Catalog; Viking Design/Art $6.95
Viking Discovery: L'Anse Aux Meadows Joan Horwood; Bill Ritchie 1986 LEVS Catalog; Viking History; Viking/Scandinavian Culture $10.00
Leif's Saga: A Viking Tale Jonathan Hunt 1996 LEVS Catalog; Viking/Scandinavian Culture $12.00
The Sagas of the Icelanders: A Selection Robert Kellogg; Jane Smiley 2001 LEVS Catalog; Viking/Scandinavian Culture $12.00
Story of the Vikings Coloring Book G. Smith 1988 LEVS Catalog; Viking/Scandinavian Culture; Juvenile; Viking History $3.95