About LEVS - About the Crew

A Brief History

The crew evolved when LEVS' parent organization decided to turn their parade float into a real, floating ship. Luckily, many existing members had previous boating experience; so manning the boat was not a problem. Over time, our focus for the crew has been to accept and train members on boating safety, so that we have fun and safe events. Crewmembers have since come and gone, but the experience of sailing a Viking ship is something they've never forgotten.

Quite a few of our crewmembers have also become board members, and are active in making decisions on what the organization gets involved in.

What does a crewmember do?
A crewmember is responsible for:

  • dressing in costume for events, and talking with people about the Viking culture

  • traveling to various locations (we have been to many towns and cities in the US, as well as abroad)

  • manning the sales table at events, if needed

  • sailing (and sometimes rowing) the ship

  • taking care of the ship during our work parties (if in the Pennsylvania/Delaware area)

What does it take to be a crewmember?
A crewmember is:

  • a current member of LEVS at the voting/crew level ($30)

  • interested in not only the boating aspect of the organization, but also the historical aspect

  • willing to take sail training if necessary

  • able to participate in sailing and land events throughout the course of the season

  • at least 14 years old (for water events - any age is encouraged for land or living history events!)

  • able to put together/purchase a relatively accurate costume (no horns, please!)

  • willing to have a great time with other Vikings!

Even if you don't have a costume, don't know everthing there is to know about Vikings, or can't/don't sail, we still encourage you to consider joining as a crew member! We have needs for all kinds of skills - some more public, and some behind the scenes. If you are interested in becoming a crewmember, please print out and mail the following Membership Form.

These files use Adobe Acrobat. If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat reader, you can download it HERE.